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Cast iron boilers have proven to be extremely reliable, being very simple in design and using standardised parts. They have been the workhorse for central heating since the early days of gas, oil or coal central heating.

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A low-efficiency boiler, however, will utilize indoor air to make the necessary combustion flame, which can dry out your home. In contrast, a high-efficiency boiler pulls air from outdoors to achieve combustion and does not affect the indoor air. Now, one more tip about cast iron boilers, which are designed to use indoor air for combustion.

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Efficiency: up to AFUE 86.0%; Performance, durability and versatility rank Slant/Fin’s Intrepid among the world’s best oil boilers. The Intrepid is a a full-featured oil boiler with models in hot water and steam. This versatile oil boiler has options for tankless heaters for domestic hot water (DHW) and direct vent models.

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Independence™ – This is a cast iron gas-fired boiler designed for homes with steam heating systems. It can be installed in homes with or without chimneys. Cast Iron Oil Water Boiler. MPO-IQ™ – Our award-winning 3-pass high efficiency cast iron oil-fired water boiler can save homeowners up to 49% in energy costs. It’s an optimal replacement boiler for homes with existing chimneys.

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Our Conforto cast iron triple pass boiler offers high efficiency performance. It is certified Energy Star at all firing rates (ECM motor only).

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Nov 29, 2010 · I had decide to get a very high-efficiency boiler, the Burnham Alpine. The other plumber said that cast-iron boilers are the way to go, they are more reliable, require much less maintenance, and last much longer. He said the Alpine needs to be disassembled every year and cleaned, whereas a cast-iron boiler needs only a triennial cleaning.

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Aug 02, 2017 · Efficiency: AFUE 87.0%; The Q3 boiler is a hot water boiler heating system which oil-fired cast iron boiler offers high-efficiency. Its cast-iron design is recognized by heating professionals everywhere as the longest lasting, most durable heat exchanger material. It’s an ideal choice for new construction. The Q3 is DOE 2021 compliant

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The SAINT ROCH COUVIN 8mm thick, high quality cast iron boiler, offers: remarkable mechanical strength excellent heat transfer corrosion reaction reaction to thermal shock. The reliably assembled cast iron elements create a combustion chamber with five horizontal exhaust fumes routes ensuring an efficiency of 93%.

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Floor Mounted, Cast Iron Condensing Boiler with Single Stage Gas Valve. Ships Packaged. Ratings: 105K BTU Gross Input, 97K BTU DOE Capacity, 84K BTU Net IBR Capacity.

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Weil-McLain offers one of the highest efficient cast iron gas boilers on the market today, our GV90+. The GV90+ boiler has an efficiency rating of 91.9% and can vent with PVC material. Retrofitting the Boiler / System. In certain instances, a homeowner might not be financially willing or able to replace the boiler.

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Avoid the pitfalls of cast iron with the industry’s long lasting steel boiler. Steel is ductile, flexible and easily welded into complex shapes. It heats up rapidly, expands and contracts easily and is highly resistant to temperature shock. It’s simply a better material for hot water boilers and it’s this design that lasts longer and runs at higher efficiency than cast iron.

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boiler. With cast iron sections, the 8HE Series offers a multitude of performance advantages including higher heat retention, better combustion, quiet operation and superior steam performance. The cast iron sections on the 8HE Series are factory tested and assembled with steel push nipples.

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It's a high quality, high efficiency steel boiler made in the USA. Steel boilers got a bad name 50 years ago in part due to the so-called "contractor boilers". They were cheaply made and a lot lighter to move around in new construction than the cast iron boilers available at the time so were very popular.

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The integral, cast-iron, fail-safe breeching damper may be easily adjusted and securely locked in position. Individual section draw rods simplify assembly while reducing stress. Reliable, Fuel-Efficient Heat Smith 19HE Series boiler/burner units are designed and constructed for high efficiency and superior performance.

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The TORRENT SUN boiler series is a range of cast iron boilers which combines the benefits of a robust and economic cast iron boiler. Due to its compact design, TORRENT SUN boilers are able to reach immediately high performances and thus be extremely efficient paired with very low fuel consumption.

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Apr 05, 2013 · I plan on replacing my 25 year old cast iron boiler with an ES2 or a Series 3. Aside from a 1% difference in efficiency - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.

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Cast aluminum and cast iron heat exchangers in select boilers - many manufacturers are using cast aluminum in the higher efficiency boilers and continue to use cast iron in other boilers. If you buy a condensing boiler, it will likely be cast aluminum, but if you buy other wet based type of boilers it will be cast iron.

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target boiler temperatures below the high limit setting Features The TRIO® Commercial boiler by PurePro® with its highly efficient, 3-Pass design offers multi-Fuel flexibility by using either oil or gas burners. Our GG20 cast-iron block, with its 58 PSI rating and easy access swing door, is unsurpassed durabilityandefficiency,

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A blend of technology and efficiency The Solaia is a low-mass, wet-base boiler with steel push nipples. Constructed of GG20 cast iron for greater durability, excellent heat transfer, and resistance to corrosion, the Solaia is the result of over 50 years of engineering and manufacturing experience. The unique turnaround design of the

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The Buderus G115 (Logano 115WS) Series is best suited for large homes equipped with cast iron baseboard units or radiators. The world’s best selling boiler, it offers innovative design and German-built quality while providing excellent efficiency and performance. The G115 is a wet base cast-iron boiler that features a triple pass design.

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The Burnham Independence steam boiler has the same reputation for long lasting quality and efficiency as our other cast iron gas boilers. When a home’s heating system requires the use of a steam boiler, the efficient, proven, and reliable Independence is the best choice for the job With or without

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Burnham Megasteam For homeowners who need a cast iron oil-fired steam boiler, MegaSteam is a U.S. Boiler exclusive that achieves an unmatched 86% AFUE efficiency with a 3-pass cast iron heat exchanger the only one of its kind in the world.

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Force High Efficiency Cast Iron Oil-Fired Boilers offered exclusively by Ferguson is AFUE, ENERGY STAR certified and features 3-pass cast iron heat exchanger, integrated boiler control system, and much more.


over retrofit boilers and new competitive models. EasyCleaningwithHingedDoor for burner and flue access. Doors can be hinged right or left based on your access needs. Boiler is easily cleaned and vacuumed resulting in lower maintenance costs. Eutectic Cast Iron boiler body provides exceptional resistance to temperature variations and thermal stress.

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Modern innovations in boilers and furnaces in the past 5 years have produced units that can burn fuel at 95% efficiencies (stainless steel condensing/variable output units); these may cost $4k-$8k; there are more standard cast iron boilers for $1800-$3k that produce 85% AFUE fuel efficiency (3-pass units preferred).

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Eutectic Cast Iron boiler body provides exceptional resistance to temperature variations and thermal stress. De Dietrich’s eutectic cast iron is 30% more flexible than any competitive cast iron allowing safe low temperature operation. Four Inch Insulationfeaturing reinforced fiberglass wool. De Dietrich Boilers feature

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This product title reflects the boiler's IBR Net Output Rating when using a chimney vent burner. No burner is included. Choosing burner 7738000106 for this boiler produces a 136,000 BTU DOE Rating and 119,000 BTU IBR Rating. Choosing burner 7738000104 for this boiler produces a 120,000 BTU DOE Rating and 104,000 BTU IBR Rating.

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Weil-McLain’s line of high-efficiency residential gas boilers include the award-winning Evergreen, the Ultra, the WM97+, the ECO and the GV90+. These gas-fired boilers are compatible with either natural gas or liquid propane, require minimal maintenance, and have excellent efficiency ratings.

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I am debating on purchasing the Alpine modcon vs one of their traditional cast iron boilers. Is there any reason I should choose the Alpine? I've performed a cost-benefit analysis and financially the cast iron is much cheaper over 25 years, assuming the condensing boiler needs to be replaced after 12-15 years.

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Excellent Efficiency Cast Iron Boiler higher mass cast iron boilers - emahospitality.com Cast Iron Boilers - Boyertown Furnace. The Solaia is a low-mass, wet-base boiler with steel push nipples.

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Nov 27, 2019 · The Buderus G215 is a cast iron oil-fired boiler with an efficiency of up to 86.7% AFUE. It is constructed to be flexible, corrosion-resistant, and designed to resist thermal shock. The unit is covered in 3” of thermal insulation to reduce heat loss.

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Stainless steel boilers: The advantages of stainless steel include lighter weight and longer lifespan when corrosion is eliminated. There are three Peerless boiler series featuring stainless steel construction. PUREFIRE and Combi 160 are gas boilers; The Pinnacle Series is oil boiler. How Peerless Compared to Other Brands

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Cast iron has the unique ability to absorb and transfer heat quickly and efficiently while provid- ing unmatched durability. Piping to heater(s) should run at side(s) or rear of boiler. Piping at rear of boiler should not interfere with removal of upper rear panel(s) for access to flueways for cleaning.

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In the category of oil boilers, the MPO-IQ™ has the highest efficiency in its class at 87% AFUE. This 3-pass high efficiency cast iron oil-fired water boiler is capable of saving homeowners up to 49% in energy costs.

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Floor Mounted, Cast Iron Boiler with Single Stage Gas Valve. Ships Packaged. Ratings: 82K BTU Gross Input, 71K BTU DOE Capacity, 62K BTU Net IBR Capacity. Includes Taco Circulator.

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Actually, cast iron rads are ideal for mod/con boilers with outdoor reset. In the milder times of the year, the boiler doesn't need to make the water very hot. So the mod/con is very efficient. Where as a standard efficiency cast iron boiler needs to have a high return water temp, or it has a short life span.

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A good cast iron boiler block is inherently more durable and absorbs more abuse before failing than an aluminum/stainless steel/copper heat exchanger. (Viessmann may be an exception here.) A cast iron boiler is much less sensitive to low flow rates than a low mass type.

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Force Cast Iron Boilers. Manufactured by U.S Boilers and offered exclusively by Ferguson, Force Boilers has a family of high efficiency boilers ranging in various sizes and with more options than any other manufacturer in the hydronic industry.

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Goodbye, Old Friend: Mod-Con Boilers are Replacing Cast Iron Units. The lower it is, the greater the condensation will be, resulting in higher efficiency. Throttle the system flow rate to get water temperature drops of up to 30 degrees for decreased return water temps. Typically, flue gases condense at temperatures up to 135F.

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It is the heaviest of the three materials. Secondly, it cannot be used in condensing boilers for reasons specified below in the advantages of stainless steel. Finally, cast iron’s heat transfer efficiency is lower than the other two materials. The bottom line: Most floor-mounted, standard-efficiency, affordable gas and oil boilers are built